About Us

CA was formed from the experince gained over 20 years of working in the entertianment and sports industry, advertising, promtions, concert and touring.  We are taking all of that and forming a force able to provide the right process to the offer the style of  a LA slash Las Vegas Red Carpet Style Events to Country All Star Events.  Everyone is a star in our minds God created us all and we just want you to feel the same awesome experiences we have been blessed to see.


Competitive Game Events

Car Shows (Day Races, Night Event With Concerts included)


Out Door Theme Events (Glo Paint, Black-Out, Mud U)

There is a Country All Star in all of us! Here at CAS we are all about the situation, the customer, family, sponsors and a way of life. A group of awesome people who preserve tradition in its customs from one generation to the next Country All Stars.

Our events (Competitive Game Events, Car Shows, Concerts, Theme Events, are made especially for you. We will be offering packages to attend our events our join our partnership programs that will be available starting April 2, 2013. Events will starting back up in May locations and cities TBA.